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Sleep Disturbances May Contribute to Obesity

Insufficient Sleep Could Result To More Calorie Consumption

Study Finds Most Weight Loss Supplements Are Not Effective

Daily Brisk Walking Can Help Prevent Obesity?

Daily Monitoring and Support May Aid in Weight Loss Goals

New Diet Drug Rejected by FDA

Alarming Results of Obesity in Teenagers Study

Active Breaks During Prolonged Sitting Improves Health

Fructose May Not Induce Weight Gain?

Low-Carb, Low-Fat Diets May Each Help the Heart

Do Brown Fat Cells Hold the Key to Eliminating Obesity and Diabetes?

The Key to Weight Loss

Control on a Platter

Dubious Value Meals: Bigger Is Not Better

Long-Term Weight Loss Requires Almost Double Suggested Amount of Exercise

Why Fast Foods are Bad, Even in Moderation

Nutritious Frozen Foods Can Play Role in Weight-Loss Programs

Green Tea Derivative Causes Loss of Appetite, Weight Loss in Rats

Results of Soy-Based Meal Replacement Formula on Weight, Anthropometry, Serum Lipids & Blood Pressure During a 40-week Clinical Weight Loss Trial

Limiting Fructose May Boost Weight Loss, Researcher Reports

Study Shows Value of Food Diary in Losing Weight

Portion Control Dishes Helped Obese Diabetics Lose Weight

Mississippi is the Fattest State for 3rd Straight Year, Colorado still Leanest, D.C. Loses Weight

Getting Motivated To Lose Weight

How To Cut Weight Effectively



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