Weight Loss As I See It

veggieWe live in an age where all you hear are people intent on losing weight. I get it, and then, I don’t. I understand that society has made it virtually impossible for most people to appreciate their natural physical appearance. Thus, they do anything, as in anything, to look like the skinny models we see in magazines and television.

But I ask you, why should you change the way you look to please society? If you want to enhance or, maybe even, change certain parts of your body to make you feel good; then by all means, do so.  Just make sure that it is what you want to do and not because your boyfriend commented on your weight or your snooty neighbor prodded you to do it or even worse, your girlfriend had hers done.

I know it is easy to say this if you are not born aesthetically challenged. But believe me when I say that even those born with a pretty face still has trouble accepting their own natural looks. Unless one faces the mirror every morning satisfied, there would always be something wrong even when there isn’t.

I have heard and seen cases of pretty girls intent on improving themselves that they end up as real life Barbies. But are they happy? Not in the least.

Beauty coming from within will always win against superficial beauty. We all sometimes need to accept the fact that nobody, as in nobody is born perfect. Perfect faces, perfect lives, perfect figure, they’re all myths. And they are all useless if you don’t have the beauty within that should go with it.

So to those that are not contented with their bodies and have to lose weight or have surgery, I sincerely hope that the improvements you wish done on yourself would be enough for you to love yourself. Because ultimately, if you cannot accept yourself the way you really are, then no one else will.

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