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How To Obtain The Lean Physique Of Actor Jason Statham

Following celebrity workout plans is a growing trend in gym users around the world. One of the most popular choices these days, particularly among men looking to achieve an action hero physique, is the Jason Statham workout routine.

This particular workout routine is not your standard 3 x 12 workout by any means. In fact, it is one of the most unusual plans in Hollywood today, incorporating tons of variety and obscure exercises which most people have never performed before.

Exercises included in the session may be unfamiliar, as it borrows from various different styles including power lifting and crossfit, meaning gym regulars are often replaced with new and difficult variations to incorporate more explosive speed or power into the move. Functional fitness is certainly a key ingredient, with a large importance placed upon your core strength.

As a circuit, the workout itself consists of three very different stages which combine to form one 60-90 minute gym session, including:

Stage 1: Cardio warm up.

Stage 2: A 15 minute HIIT workout, again using cardiovascular equipment.

Stage 3: A rigorous full body routine involving a mixture of body weight, power lifting and crossfit exercises.

The first phase requires a ten minute warm-up to be performed on any piece of cardiovascular equipment in your gym. Given the nature of the upcoming exercises, it would be wise to turn your attention away from machines which focus on one part of the body and instead choose something which will get your full body warmed up sufficiently, such as a rowing machine. Stage two moves on to a 15 minute interval session.

The basis of HIIT is to keep switching between a moderate intensity and a very high intensity for a short burst of time. Phase two lasts for 15 minutes using this protocol and ideally you should wait until you are fully recovered from your last burst before you attempt the next burst. That makes the moderate intensity period different for everybody, but try to aim for 2 minutes and a 30 second burst.

The third phase focuses on a combo of body weight exercises, power lifting techniques and crossfit moves which are rarely practised in popular health clubs and gyms. For that reason, take a few moments to iron out any kinks to your technique before you do the full workout. Pick 6 exercises from the list below to form a full body workout:

Full leg raise x 20 reps – ensuring your bum comes off the floor with every rep.

Bench dips x 20 reps.

Weighted rope pull x 5 reps – attach a 20 foot weight to a rope and pull it towards you.

Climb x 5 reps – climb a 20 foot rope 5 times, beating your time on each rep if possible.

High Knee Skipping x 30 seconds

Pull-ups x 15 reps – grip as wide as possible so you can maximize the involvement of your lats.

Romanian deadlift x 20 reps – ensure correct form.

Dumbbell or barbell squat x 20 reps.

Barbell Bench Press x 20

Barbell Clean And Press x 20

Dumbbell Swing x 20 reps – use a dumbbell as an alternative to kettlebells, giving a new twist to a popular old exercise.

The circuit is formed by choosing six exercises from the list above or entering your own preferred choices into the slots. Perform all six moves without any rest, before taking a 5 minute break at the end of a full round. Try to perform around 6 circuits in total, this should give you an overall workout time of between 60-90 minutes.

The Jason Statham workout principle is simple yet brutally effective: keep it simple and keep it high intensity. This ensures that you not only look muscular but you are actually strong, too. Furthermore, the focus on intensity will ensure maximum fat loss.

Further help: Russ Howe PTI is a very popular online personal trainer from the UK. You can learn the full body training routine he used for the jason statham workout via his website now.

The Three Key Rules To Building Lean Muscle Fast

If you consider yourself a hard gainer then you have probably read tips on how to build muscle and wondered why they never seem to work for you. Today we are going back to basics to give you the gym proven, science backed step by step guide to packing on more lean tissue over the next couple of months.

That’s right, I said a couple of months. Not a year.

If you don’t know how to build muscle today’s interview will assist you a lot.

If you have been training for a while you will have already noticed that the biggest issue holding people back in the gym is the volume of contradicting advice out there. People can’t seem to stick to anything for long enough to get results because they have outside influences telling them that they need to purchase the latest product or try to next big thing in workouts…

The rules to building a more powerful physique are very simple. Too simple, perhaps, for many people to believe them. Instead they spend years looking for the over complicated version.

#1 Know your compound exercises and use them.

#2 Use your rep range to keep progressing the resistance.

#3 Diet is important even when it comes to adding size.

Within the three easy to follow rules you see above lie the secrets to a great muscular physique. Furthermore, I have been doing this for over seven years and in the course of that time I’ve seen countless people get results with these three little steps.

First let’s take a look at point number one, which asks you to use compound movements in the gym. It has been shown time and time again that big compound exercises like shoulder press and bench press force more muscular growth than small isolation movements.

Remember, you are not at the gym to train your ego. Take a glance at the dumbbell section the next time you go to the gym and I’m sure you will notice many people training their ‘ego muscles’, i.e. tons of bicep curls and tricep pushdowns but zero squats or wide grip pull ups. The ironic thing is those guys are clearly striving to increase their size but are unwittingly holding their own progress back by avoiding the proven exercises in favor of what gives them a better temporary pump.

Of course, there is more to this than just knowing which exercises will get you the results. You also need to know how many repetitions to aim for and have a system in place to consistently progress you to new levels.

For muscular hypertrophy you should be achieving around 8-12 repetitions in every set. Use this as a guide and it will also help you to progress at a very consistent rate. Each time you are able to push out over twelve reps with a certain weight you should be looking to increase the resistance, pushing yourself back down towards the 8 rep mark and working with that weight until your strength increases.

Diet is where most folks go wrong in the gym. Your ideal physique, in particular your abs, are going to be carved in the kitchen rather than in the gym. Remember that. People often forget the importance of dieting and believe it’s only for people who are trying to lose weight.

All calories are not creating on an equal playing field. It’s important to realize that two people eating the same number of calories could get totally different results, as one could be feasting on junk food whereas the other is quite healthy. A split of 30%, 50% and 20% between protein, carbs and fats respectively will be a good start.

If you’ve had a certain body part which has proved difficult to get results with, you will find that the three steps will help you to bring it back up to speed. So before you spend hours pouring over the best shoulder building exercises or top chest workouts we recommend getting on top of the basics first.

As you can see, it becomes far easier to learn how to build muscle when you begin to break things down and set out this easy three point strategy.

Coach: Russ Howe PTI is a popular fitness coach. See how to build muscle with our free video guide giving the 5 steps to a more powerful physique and the best shoulder building exercises.

Which Supplements To Take To Build Muscle

Nowadays, it would be impossible to teach somebody how to build muscle more effectively without touching upon the subject of supplements. Learning how to decipher which supplements to take to suit your goals can be a valuable asset in helping you to achieve your fitness goals.

Despite all of the forward strides we have made in nutrition and science over the years, it is perhaps foolish to assume that people have all of the information they need to build whatever body they want. This is because there’s a case of information overload in the fitness industry which tends to hold most people back.

Rather than being stuck back in the old days where the science behind fitness and nutrition was still fairly basic and more difficult to come by, they now find themselves in the opposite situation. They can’t move without being told that they need to purchase a particular product or buy a workout program which will deliver better results than any others. This often leads to people simply quitting to avoid all the confusion which comes with getting fit.

It doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, it’s not supposed to be like that.

It is very easy to see why so many gym users get lost in the world of bodybuilding supplements. It’s a billion dollar business, so you are going to find that competition for your money is very strong indeed. This often results in companies trying to out-do each other with bold statements on why you need their product to get a good gym session.

The first thing you will notice when you begin to learn what to look for in a product is that things are not as complicated as they seem. There are a few basic rules with each product to look for.

Discover which supplements to take with today\’s simple video rules.

* Whey Protein

* Creatine is a very good product for size and strength

* Casein Protein

* Carbohydrates

* BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids) are the building blocks of hypertrophy

* Glutamine can return enviable results in muscular recovery

The 6 items listed above are a great place to start if you were previously unsure which products would work best for your goals. If you are trying to become leaner and more muscular these are the foundation from which to base your supplement plan. Here is a guide of what each of them actually does.

Whey protein is easily the most popular health product on the market nowadays. Despite this, many people falsely believe that you should only use it if you intend to get bigger. This often puts many people, particularly women, off the product entirely and it is simply not true. Whey is a great way to pack in more protein to your daily diet and it’s such a popular product due to the speed at which your body can digest it. There are three main categories of whey, they are hydrolized, isolate and concentrate. Hydolized is the quickest digesting form and therefore tends to cost the most money. Isolate is second and concentrate is third.

Each type is highly effective and the difference between the digestion speeds doesn’t warrant the often huge differences in price, so although you would get better results with a hydrolized product you don’t need to go down that route if you cannot afford to.

Creatine first hit the market twenty years ago during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. It was primarily used by sprinters as it helps you to increase your ability to perform short bursts of explosive activity. It’s a perfectly safe and natural substance which is actually produced by the human body, too. It made the transition into bodybuilding due to the fact that it helps you to increase your short-term explosive strength, meaning it can lead to more reps in the gym.

Despite the many new formulas available today and expensive prices, the formula with the most scientific backing is still the original. Despite being twenty years old, creatine monohydrate remains the king in this category. The fact that it is easily the most widely available and cheapest blend is also an added bonus.

Casein is an underrated protein product which can yield great results if used correctly. This product is a great example of how the world of supplements operates. Despite being on the market for many years now, it actually had no scientific evidence to back up it’s claims until just 4 months ago. This shows you why it’s easy to get lost in hype if you’re not careful. However, this particular product does now hold sufficient proof to back up it’s claims and is a very good way to keep the muscle building process switched on while you sleep.

Studies recently reveals that individuals who combined they regular whey product with casein were able to experience greater hypertrophy, due to the ability of casein to keep protein synthesis going overnight.

If you have ever tried losing fat you will probably have encountered the myth that carbohydrates are the enemy. Of course, this is nonsense and carb avoidance has been shown to result in short-term losses but long-term weight gain.

Complex, slow-release carbohydrates are your main sources of energy but in the 45 minute window which follows any gym workout you should look to find the opposite. Remember, during this time your body wants nutrition it can use immediately. So eating some oats which take hours to digest isn’t going to cut it for you. Quick-release sources of carbohydrates, such as dextrose and maltodextrin, are very useful during this short period of time.

BCAA supplements are growing in reputation as one of the key choices for size and strength. There are over 20 amino acids, some essential and others non-essential. While you will get a good spread of these from any whey protein product, you can enhance your results even further by supplementing it with an all-out BCAA product as well.

There are three major benefits to the final product on today’s list, which is glutamine. This is designed to help your body to release more natural growth hormone, enhance your body’s immune system and help your muscles to recover faster from workouts. Combine those three facts and you have a product which is designed to help you hit the gym at maximum ability more often than you could without it.

Learning how to build muscle can become an experience which is thoroughly enjoyable if you are able to see past the huge amount of nonsense and sales pitches which populate many of the products you will see on store shelves. Rather than having to use an expensive trial and error approach, you now have the knowledge to determine which supplements to take to achieve a leaner, muscular body this year.

Author: Learn which supplements to take to build a leaner frame with the UK’s most watched fitness instructor, Russ Howe PTI. Discovering how to build muscle doesn’t need to be hard, as you have seen today.

Is HIIT More Effective On An Empty Stomach?

When it comes to High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT as it’s more commonly known, there is a massive grey area surrounding the optimum nutrition to get the best from the fat loss aspects.

Following today’s tips you will be able to get much more from your sessions and will notice massively increased fat loss results.

Today\’s video shows some proven nutrition for HIIT exercise.

One of the most common myths in the gym is training on an empty stomach. When it comes to fat loss this is actually yesterday’s advice. In the last ten years there have been countless scientific studies which have shown that you can gain far more from a workout if you get the right nutrients into your body before you hit the gym.

This form of cardio is still relatively new to the regular gym user, but has been used by athletes for the biggest part of three decades, so while the majority of trainers are already aware that nutrition needs to be changed when working with interval training, the regular gym goer sometimes gets stuck in the wrong way of thinking.

Today’s article will focus mainly on people looking towards the fat loss benefits from high intensity interval training. There are two very important keys here, which are:

* Studies show that trainers who consume 20 grams of whey protein around 20 miuntes before a high intensity interval workout were able to continue burning calories at a far higher rate than those who went in on an empty stomach. Furthermore, this extra calorie burning lasted a massive 24 hours.

* Essential amino acids are also fantastic. These will work with your protein supplement to help you retain lean muscle while you burn off fat in the gym.

The majority of people who take their supplements after a session are doing so because they just believe that’s what you are supposed to do. In fact, science points out that you can enhance results by taking care of your body both sides of the workout window.

Essential amino acids work before of after a workout, they are a no nonsense supplement that are simply proven to help build lean muscle. However, there have been a number of studies performed which indicate when directly compared with pre-workout and post-workout consumption there is only one winner. One particular piece of research showed a 24% increase in the uptake of the supplement by the muscles, all for something as simple as taking it before your gym session instead of after.

And that concludes today’s lesson, guys and girls. These two simple rules will go a long way to increase your HIIT performance and help you smash through the fat loss barrier. Be sure to look after your pre-workout nutrition as well as your post-workout nutrition and you will be shocked at how much your results improve overall.

Writer Bio: Russ Howe PTI is England’s most subscribed personal trainer. He reglarly teaches gym members how to lose weight and introduced many to hiit sessions on a daily basis.

How To Adapt An Action Movie Star Workout Into Your Fitness Routine

Most guys who have exercised in a gym at some point in their lives have done so because they want to obtain the lean look of their favorite action movie star. However, finding the Sylvester Stallone arm workout is certainly easier than actually doing it for real, as you are about to find out.

Looking at the super lean physique you see on screen in the final product, it would be quite foolish to walk into a workout like this with ambitions of taking it easy. Use that vision of the end result as a barometer to tell you that this is going to be very tough.

Sylvester Stallone in particular is noted for his almost fanatical devotion to his fitness routine, with many co-stars telling stories of how they had never known a man to train as hard as him for a film.

Try the sylvester stallone arm workout for yourself.

This arm circuit is split into 4 stages, running through each muscle in the arm by itself to allow for greater focus on the area in question. We will cover a section for biceps, forearms, triceps and a cool down phase. Each phase is performed as a circuit four times.

Hammer Curl with dumbbells – Feel free to go quite heavy, given that this is the first exercise and your muscles will still be very fresh. Aim for around 12 reps.

Dumbbell Curl on an incline bench – 15 reps with a bench set to a 45 degree angle.

Biceps Curl using an EZ bar – The fundamental biceps exercise, perform 12 reps using a regular grip before switching to a much harder wide grip and forcing out a few more.

Lying Cable Curls – Wheel a bench underneath a dual cable station and attach a straight bar to a high pulley. Perform curls while lying on the bench, curling towards your head. The gravity and cable working against you will ensure that this is a very difficult exercise indeed. Aim for 15 reps on a relatively light weight.

Twisting Chain Curls – Attach a free weight to a chain and hold the chain so the weight is hanging down. Now perform a curl, while twisting your palms to face away from you at the top of each rep. This engages the muscles in your biceps and forearms. Remember, the forearms are a lot smaller and the instability of a hanging plate is very noticeable, thus a lighter weight is required.

Following 4 brutal rounds of the biceps phase, the forearm specific section awaits your attention. Combine Reverse Curls, Wrist Curls, Handshake Curls and Reverse Wrist Curls in a circuit for 25 reps each before finishing off each round with a 30 second timed hang.

The triceps section involves a few big moves to really get the blood pumping. It’s the biggest muscle in this workout, so push yourself hard if you want to see an even better return on your results. The first move in this phase is Close-Grip Bench Press, which you owe 10 reps. Try to keep the elbows from flaring out as you perform this, to minimize chest and shoulder involvement.

After getting that out of the way, you can move on to Bench Dips to failure. We will immediately follow this up with a set of 12 Triceps Pushdowns and more Dips to failure, before rounding out the phase with 20 Triceps Kickbacks.

For the cool down phase, you will need to perform three body weight planks for 30 seconds each and one single set of Close-Grip Push Ups. Don’t be fooled into skipping the cool down phase, for it is vital to ensuring you get maximum results and recovery from your gym session.

If you make it through this workout you will have a new found respect for the final physique you see on the movie screen the next time you watch a Hollywood action movie. It’s simple yet brutal approach is deliberately misleading, leading many people to jump into it and regret it later on. Use lighter weights than you usually would because it is performed as a high intensity circuit, rather than a standard gym session.

The Sylvester Stallone arm workout is one of the most brutal celebrity training sessions out there and that is largely down to the man himself. After all, you wouldn’t expect a Rocky-style training session to be anything too easy.

Taken from: Sought after online personal trainer Russ Howe PTI teaches many people how to build leaner physiques in the gym each day. See the complete guide to the full sylvester stallone arm workout for free on his website.

Is Your Diet Suited To Weight Loss Or Muscle Building?

If you are trying to maximize your muscle building gains or learn how to lose weight safely, you will need to be aware of a few important factors if you are to see any real results. The biggest factor, of course, is learning how to optimize your eating habits to suit your goals.

You needn’t worry, though. Learning how to do this is not very complex at all.

You would be shocked to see how many individuals seem happy to toil away for hours each week in the gym only to sacrifice their results by eating a terrible diet packed with alcohol and junk food. You don’t need to stop eating your favorite foods by any means, but you do need to learn a few facts. The first fact is that in order to lose weight you need to lower your daily calorie total.

When it comes to packing on lean muscle, we need to talk about things in a little bit more detail. Rather than just sorting out your calorie intake, it would make sense to look at how to optimize what those calories are made of. [

Today’s clip on how to lose weight details five extensively researched fat loss tips for you.


If you need assistance in creating a solid calorie target for building lean size and retaining it, try the following equation. While everybody is free to tinker with it and strike a balance which works for them, the basis of this equation works for the vast majority of individuals:

* Daily calorie target = your body weight in pounds multiplied by 15.

If you wanted to bulk up to 180 lbs, for example, you would do the following sum: 180 x 15 = 2700. This now sets you a goal of 2700 calories per day.

* Total daily protein intake = 30% of overall calories divided by 4.

So for the individual in question, we’d establish that 30% of 2700 is 810. Then we divide this number by 4 and it will tell us the number of grams per day of protein which would be optimal for our diet. The answer in this case is 202 grams.

* Your daily carbs = 55% of your calories, divided by four.

For our daily intake of carbohydrates, we need to do a similar equation with some slightly larger figures. 55% of 2700 is, of course, 1485. Divide this by four and we get 371 grams of carbohydrates.

* Your daily fat intake = Take 15% of your total calorie figure and divide the answer by nine.

Healthy fats are one of the key strategies behind building a better body in a very short space of time. 15% of our calorie target here would be 405 in total. Divide this by 9, you’ll get a fat intake of roughly 45 grams per day.

Alongside your other two macronutrients and your total calorie target, you now have the foundation of a proven muscle building diet. Alternatively, if your goal is to learn how to lose weight you can enjoy similar success by simply playing around with this proven principle and finding a balance which works for your body.

Your coach: Learn the truth about how to build muscle thanks to Russ Howe PTI. Russ is the UK’s leading personal trainer, teaching people facts on how to lose weight for free each day via his fitness blog.

Is Cardio Better Before Or After Resistance Training?

One of the most regularly asked questions in the fitness industry is ‘Should you do cardio before or after weights for better fat loss and muscle growth?’ Lots of people are lost in the subject of how to build muscle so today we’ll clear up the science behind this subject for you.

There are a number of myths in the fitness industry which lead to confusion. This is because there is still so much scientific research which needs to be carried out. Thankfully, this particular area is something that has now been cleared up.

The last decade has seen a growing number of scientific studies in this specific area. Finally we’re at a stage where definitive answers can be given on the topic.

The video today will explain whether you should do cardio before or after weights in the gym.

The most common misconception in this particular area is that you’ll pre-exhaust your muscles by hitting cardiovascular equipment before a heavy resistance workout. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, you’ll greatly enhance your gains if you do your aerobic activity first, so the old theory that cardiovascular exercise should be done after you’ve finished with the weights is not true.

These recent findings lay to waste one of the oldest theories in fitness. It dates back so long that many people believe it to be fact and still insist on doing it to this very day. However, scientific studies prove that those who put their aerobic activity earlier in their workout enjoyed better fat loss and muscle growth.

This also applied to individuals performing high intensity interval training, too.

When you workout the body releases 2 enzymes which play a major role in your overall results. They are known as mTOR and AMPK. AMPK is designed to help you adapt to prolonged aerobic activity, so it’s released as you do run on a treadmill or cycle. [I:]

On the other hand, mTOR is pumped into the body immediately following a resistance workout and is designed to be the switch that activates the process of recovery, i.e. building more lean muscle. The bad news for you is that AMPK stops the release of mTOR, meaning if you jump on a bike after you finish weight training you’ll actually switch the muscle building process back off.

Once the body releases mTOR you enter the golden window for post-workout nutrition. This peaks at one hour in length, although mTOR levels stay increased for up to 6 hours in total. To get the most from this period, simply avoid releasing any AMPK during this time.

If you are one of the many people who like to perform two separate sessions in order to keep resistance training and aerobic workouts away from each other, that last piece of information will stand out as particularly groundbreaking. By separating your sessions with a six hour period you’ll allow yourself to get the absolute full benefits from mTOR release before you blast fat with your HIIT session or aerobic workout.

While discovering how to build muscle can often be confusing and misleading due to the number of myths out there, science is helping every day to make things clearer. If you were previously unsure whether to do cardio before or after weights you now have the research to enhance your results.

Writer: See how to build muscle with easy steps from the UK’s leading fitness instructor Russ Howe PTI. Discover whether you should do cardio before or after weights to increase results with this free report.

Which Whey Protein Is Best For Building Lean Muscle?

Given that it’s January, there are thousands of guys around the world joining gyms and asking how to build muscle. Lots of them are jumping into the world of supplements. But how do you know which whey protein is best for you?

Let’s face it, it’s that time of year again when every supermarket suddenly starts thrusting health products in your face via online promotions and big banners in store. But before you spend any money, it would be a wise move to learn what you should be looking for.

One of the biggest misunderstandings in the health and fitness industry is the importance played by dietary supplements. If you are to believe everything you read on the packaging, you’ll undoubtedly begin feeling as if you need to be taking dozens of products in order to achieve any results. This is far from the truth.

Despite the fact that it may appear overly scientific at first, the basics behind the nutritional information on a protein product are quite simple. Much like the foundations of building a more muscular body in the gym, nothing much has changed over the last couple of decades when you get down to the fine details of it all.

If you don’t know how to build muscle today’s interview will assist you a lot.

Everybody’s different. We all have different body types and goals, so when every product claims to be the best thing ever to hit the market you should take that claim with a pinch of salt to say the least. The three points below will teach you what to look for.

* Look at the first ingredient.

* How much protein is provided in each serving?

* As well as the protein content, take a look at the carbohydrate count.

If you can learn how to understand the three rules above you’ll have far less trouble when buying your next supplement. Let’s start by explaining the first item, which asks about the form of protein listed as the main ingredient in the product.

There are 3 main blends in this category and understanding them is very easy. Hydrolized is the quickest digesting form of whey, closely followed by isolate and concentrate. For this reason, hydrolized products are usually the most expensive. However, the differences in the speed of digestion are not huge and certainly don’t warrant the often crazy differences in prices, so if you can only afford a product which is made from concentrate you needn’t worry.

How much protein is provided by each shake? Science tells us that our body can only handle between 20 and 30 grams in any one sitting, so all of those products which boast about hitting you with 40-50 grams tend to lead to unwanted fat gain.

Finally, you’ll need to take a look at the carbohydrate content within your chosen brand. This is how to separate products between those ideal for people trying to get leaner, as opposed to those trying to pack on serious size in a short space of time. If you are trying to get bigger, carbohydrates will become your best friend. If you’re trying to figure out how to build muscle but stay lean at the same time, your protein shake should provide a very low carbohydrate content. Preferably, aim for under 8 grams.

With the three main rules now in check, you will be able to figure out which whey protein is best for you relatively easily.

About the author: Top personal trainer Russ Howe PTI will teach you which whey protein is best to match your fitness goals. His free walkthrough guide will also reveal how to build muscle quickly.

How To Tone Your Midsection And Drop Unwanted Weight

If somebody offered to teach you how to get a six pack in 3 minutes you’d probably assume that it was too good to be true, right? But for some reason more and more people are searching for such things in the hope of finding instant fitness fixes. However, if you are serious about learning how to lose weight then the good news is it won’t take long to achieve your goal, providing you are willing to learn a little.

Before you begin it is important to set a realistic goal here. If you have a lot of unwanted weight to drop then it wouldn’t be sensible to set yourself, say, a two week target to achieve your goal. Of course, that is merely common sense. However, the techniques taught to you today will enable quick progress from where you are now to where you’d like to be in just a few short months’ time. [

Russ Howe PTI teaches how to lose weight quickly with today’s golden principles.


You may have heard the following expression. Abs are developed in the kitchen not in the gym. In order to see the fruits of your hard efforts in the gym you will need to adhere to a few ‘rules’ with regards to your daily diet. Are you ready?

1. Work to a calorie deficit.

2. Get your protein, carbohydrate and fat intake in check.

3. Learn how keeping your junk foods in your diet can actually help you.

4. Don’t forget to drink enough water each day.

5. High intensity exercise.

Let’s begin with a calorie deficit. This basically means eating less than you do at the moment. Most people lie to themselves about how much food they eat during the course of an average day, so in order to work this out properly it would be wise to record a food diary over three days. Then simply operate on slightly less calories from now on.

In order to really make the most of that new calorific deficit, however, we should ensure that not only are you getting fewer calories but they are also coming from superior sources than they used to. This means getting your intake of fat, protein and carbohydrates worked out correctly. Simply aim for 40% of your calorie target from protein, 40% from carbohydrates and 20% from fats. The ’4-4-2′ system is time tested and simple to follow.

Stage three is where things get tricky for most folks. If you go down the road of cutting out all of your favorite junk foods and unhealthy meals then you will more than likely fail to reach long-term success. This is because you’ll not enjoy your diet. Remember, this is not something you’re going to do for a couple of months before switching back to an unhealthy lifestyle. No, this is a lifestyle change. Use your favorite unhealthy foods as rewards for sticking to your new diet. By treating yourself every few days you will stick to your plan for much longer.

If you are trying to get slimmer one of the best things you can do is to increase your water intake. You may have heard the myths that you’ll end up retaining water around your stomach but, contrary to popular belief, people who drink enough water do not suffer from water retention at all. In fact, science shows that it primarily affects those who don’t get enough. Shoot for 8 glasses on an average day, more if you are exercising. [[I:]]

One of the easiest mistakes to make with regards to exercise is to presume that you need to do endless cardiovascular training to lose body fat. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rather than cycling on an exercise bike for an hour while reading a magazine, try performing a short high intensity interval workout and then hitting the weights. The fat loss benefits are proven to be superior.

Here is a quick session to attempt right now:

* Leg Raises.

* Torso Twists.

* Side Plank.

To use a HIIT approach with this type of circuit simply perform each move for 45 seconds and keep rest periods down to the bare minimum. Once you have got through one round of each move grab a minute’s rest and then go round once more. Three rounds would take less than 10 minutes, but the results to be had from high intensity training are superb.

So rather than becoming one of the many internet users who wastes time searching for instant fixes, such as ‘how to get a six pack in 3 minutes per day or less’, you now have five principles which will not only teach you how to lose weight safely, but also how to keep it off forever once it is gone. Now it’s time for you to apply them.

About the author: Russ Howe PTI will show you how to get a six pack in 3 minutes with functional high intensity workouts you can do at home or in the gym. Learn how to lose weight quickly with the UK’s most followed trainer.

The Jargon Free Effects Of Creatine

As a trainer I’m often asked about creatine. It’s the most popular bodybuilding supplement of the last two decades and despite countless studies and unlimited products on sale there are a lot of people using this supplement who are a little unsure as to what exactly it is meant to do for them.

The majority of the bodybuilding supplement industry is based upon sales hype. Each product claiming to be better than the last, and so on. This often leads to a state of complete customer confusion, nobody knows what to buy or who to believe.

When we get down to it, this is a very simple supplement to understand.

Enjoy today\’s video, in which Fitness Instructor Russ Howe PTI gives a complete jargon free walkthrough on how creatine works.

First thing first, it’s a perfectly safe supplement to use. In fact your body creates this product by itself already, it’s the substance it calls upon when you perform an explosive strength movement of any kind. So feel free to rid yourself of any worries you might have held about it being steroid-like or illegal, it’s perfectly safe and used by all top athletes.

So what does it actually do to you and why should you use it?

This is where most folks get lost in jargon, each supplement trying to over sell you with scientific know how to beat their competition and simply leaving you with a sore head. We’re not going to do that here.

The next time you go for a run I want you to sprint as hard as you can and watch, or father feel, what happens in your legs. For the first 15 seconds you’ll be at full speed but then suddenly a burning sensation will hit your legs and your body will literally force you to slow down. That burn is called Lactic Acid and is your body’s way of telling you to stop.

Your body’s natural resources of this supplement have ran out. You will be able to carry on running, albeit at a greatly reduced speed, while it builds back up in the background. After a few minutes you will probably be able to blast out another high intensity sprint when your levels of explosive strength have regenerated.

By using this product you are able to increase your explosive strength briefly.

Watch any Rocky movie and you’ll notice just when a fighter appears to be completely done they manage to draw strength from somewhere within for another short blast. This also happens in real boxing and is down to the exact same thing discussed above.

So now you know what this does underneath the surface of your skin, let’s put it into a gym context. In effect, by having more of this supplement within your muscles you are able to go slightly harder for slightly longer. That can make all the difference to building muscle.

This can result in a slightly heavier lift, or maybe another rep you previously could never perform. And in a nutshell, without any over complicated science talk, that’s how creatine works.

Writer: Russ Howe is a respected Personal Trainer. Watch our free guide to get the most from creatine immediately.