How Can City Bicycling Be Changed Around?

I don’t think that the idea of modification when it comes to city bicycling is especially surprising. After all, people go about maintenance all the time because they know that these vehicles have to be cared for. Some people may want to utilize different wheels because they offer better handling, for example. However, there are just some additions which make me shake my head in wonder because of the sheer fact that such modifications were done in order to give the vehicle a more outrageous layer.

On the Internet, we see such outrageous videos that we cannot help but to continue watching time and time again. I think “Numa Numa” was what kicked off the trend and even to this day you will see clips that will go viral, even if they may not stand the test of time in the constantly moving nature of the online world. Nowadays, it seems like just about any unique clip will gain a great amount of views, whether it is a comedy sketch or a self-made video of a kitten being cute. Just about anything can gain publicity.

Mashable posted an article about Francois Gissy, a French bicyclist who decided to add something quite interesting to city bicycling. Basically, he utilized a rocket, setting it against the bike in order to increase the speed at which the vehicle would travel at. With said rocket being incorporated, the bike managed to reach a velocity of 163 miles per hour, which is a startling statistic for anyone who’s into fascinating stories. This is especially interesting for authorities which specialize in the vehicles, Linus Bike included.

I don’t think anyone is going to be startled by the fact that this broke a world record, either. After all, how many vehicles – are you aware of that – can achieve this degree of speed without a motor? The utilization of a rocket has shown that people can be very creative, though is this finding going to have much longstanding use apart from entertainment? Even if it doesn’t, at the very least the two videos will be watched by viewers for some time to come.

I’m sure that anyone with any rational sense can say just how dangerous this can be out of the hands of professionals, though. After all, bicycling in general was not made for rockets and I don’t believe that those who were close to the people making these videos didn’t have qualms beforehand. As much as we don’t want to watch the videos because of how dangerous they are, we do so anyway. Sometimes we can’t turn away from the kinds of videos which are downright fascinating.

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