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diet-to-go diet plan

Diet To Go Review

Diet meal delivery to your home

Save Time, Eat Well, Lose Weight ... Really?   

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Abby Crowley talks how Diet-To-Go changed her life  (1 min 11 sec)

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One of the major excuses given by people who are struggling to lose weight is the lack of time to prepare healthy and nutritious meals. In a country that is considered to be the birth place of fast food and instant microwaveable television dinners, people succumb to the temptation of simply buying their meals at the nearest fast food joint or neighborhood supermarket or restaurant because they just do not have the time to prepare their meals. Some people, on the other hand, simply just do not like to cook.

If you are struggling to lose weight and fall into one of these categories, you know In the back of your minds that you need to put a stop to this. If you don't, you will just keep packing on the pounds as you continually go through this vicious cycle.

One of the increasingly popular diet meal delivery services is Diet To Go. Diet To Go has grown significantly as a result of people just not having enough time in their hands to prepare healthy and nutritious food for themselves and their families. Diet To Go delivers food all across the US and for those interested in picking up your meals, they also give you the option to do so in certain select metropolitan areas.

The big question on people's minds when they come across the Diet To Go diet meal delivery service is whether this weight loss diet program really works. Another common question is whether the price of this diet meal delivery service is worth it. Let's examine the program further so that you can decide whether Diet To Go is the solution to achieving your weight loss goals.

> Underlying Principle

Lorton, Virginia-based Diet To Go has been in business since 1995. Diet To Go was borne out of the underlying need by health-conscious busy people to have healthy, nutritionally balanced, and freshly prepared meals at their fingertips. There is just a growing mistrust of the instant dinner-type meals that you can find in your local supermarkets and groceries as a result of the increasing perception that these pre-packaged meals contain highly processed food ingredients, high amounts of preservatives, and most unfortunately, high amounts of fat.


Diet To Go low fat, healthy meals

Diet To Go was developed to provide people healthy meal choices. In fact, people have used Diet To Go for a variety of reasons such as to lose weight, ensure better health, to save money, and to save time.

Diet To Go believes that the key to successful weight loss is to avoid deprivation. This is the reason why they make sure that their meals taste great, while providing your body with the essential nutrients to sustain itself and help you  lose the pounds.

Diet To Go has four delicious weekly menus that repeat themselves in a four week cycle.

> Top Reasons to Go On This Diet Program

Below are some of the reasons why Diet To Go is increasingly becoming very popular among people who are trying to lose weight.


Adheres to the dietary guidelines of major health associations. All of Diet To Go meals are low in fat, low in sodium, and low in cholesterol. Diet To Go's healthy meals are prepared by the company's chefs. Diet To Go meals adhere to the dietary guidelines of the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Dietetic Association.


Diet To Go customizes your meals

Customized meal plans. Diet To Go will customize your diet meal plan based on your intended goals. You have to tell them what your objective is, that is, whether you are trying to lose a lot of weight, just a few pounds, eat healthier, maintain your weight, or achieve some other objective.

Diet To Go will also customize your meals based on any dietary restrictions that you might have, food allergies, or taste preferences. Based on these and other pertinent information that you  provide them, one of their meal counselors will recommend an appropriate and healthy food plan for you.

Diet To Go also has meal plans available for vegetarians and diabetics. For diabetics, Diet To Go meals meet the standards of the American Diabetic Association, and are well-balanced with an adequate amount of carbohydrates and protein with each meal. The portion control provided by Diet To Go meals makes counting and controlling carbohydrates even easier. Low-carb meal plans are also available. Vegetarian meal plans also provide adequate protein from non-meat sources.

Flexible meal planning. Diet To Go offers one of the most flexible meal plans on the market. For just a small fee, you may substitute from a list of tasty dishes that are always available. You also have the option to double up on your favorite foods that are available during a particular pickup. Diet To Go has meal plans for all types of eating habits. For instance, if you eat at home about three nights a week, Diet To Go has its Convenience Packs meal plan.

Simple and easy to follow. Diet To Go tries to take out the hassle of meal planning and preparation so that all you have to do is heat and eat — that simple. You don't need to estimate portions, count calories, or watch your carb intake. Everything is done for you so that all you have to do is heat and eat the food. Diet To Go strives to get the guesswork out of meal planning and preparation so that you can save time and the effort of meal preparation.

Diet To Go has also simplified its meal plans and allows you to create meal plans that may be low-fat, vegetarian, or low-carb. They have made the whole process of meal planning simple and easy through their smart meal planning interface, which allows you to customize your meals according to your preferences. 

You will be able to see your meal plans, which includes pictures of the meals, on a daily basis for five weeks. This is a great feature of the meal planning interface, which we thought will be very helpful to those who would like to know what type of cooking and kinds of food to expect for the duration of their program.

To get a feel of this meal planning interface and find out for yourself how their various meal plans look like, just click on any of the suggested meal plans below:

Low-Fat Meal Plan

Vegetarian Meal Plan

Low-Carb Meal Plan

Diet To Go testimonials

Perfect for busy people. The Diet To Go low-fat diet food plan was designed with busy people in mind. All you have to do is follow the meal plan accordingly. There is no need for you to plan or prepare your meals since your Diet to Go meals are already pre-cooked. This is a big-time saver for the busy person who is also trying to eat healthy to lose weight.

Diet To Go has helped thousands of busy new mothers, executives, home-bound individuals, and many others lose weight. On the average, Diet To Go customers lose from 2 to 3 pounds a week while on the full meal plan. This weight loss is within the "healthy" weight loss range recommended by most doctors and dieticians.

Actual testimonials. You will find actual testimonials of people who lost weight on the Diet To Go meal plan on their website as proof that their meal plans really do work. We have also done additional research and found a lot of testimonials about the effectiveness of Diet To Go meal plans.

Important Coupon Limitations:

Coupon Good ONLY With This Link

Very inexpensive. Based on what we have seen, Diet To Go is one of the most inexpensive diet meal services currently in the market. We have compared Diet To Go with others and found it to be in the lower range of the fee spectrum.

The price of your food plan will depend on a number of factors, including: the number of meals per day, the portion sizes, whether or not you include snacks and so forth. Broken down on a per meal basis, your meals can range from $6.48 to $7.80 — pretty much the price of a regular meal or even cheaper.  

Based on what we also found out, Diet To Go also makes it a point to inform customers of any specials and other promotions that may affect the cost of your meals.

Pick-up available in select metropolitan areas. As we had previously mentioned, Diet To Go also provides you the option to pick-up your meals. If you live within the Washington DC, Philadelphia, or the San Francisco Bay area, Diet To Go has dozens of pick-up locations near you. 

Never go bored. Diet To Go has a large list of chef prepared meals to choose from. You will never get bored with their plans and in fact, will discover certain meal preparations much to your enjoyment and pleasure. Check out the Diet To Go sample menu.

Nancy Fondriest says Diet-To-Go made life easier for her  (1 min 17 sec) 

> Potential Issues With The Diet Program

Below are what we see may be potential issues with Diet To Go:


Pre-cooked food not appealing to some people. If eating pre-cooked and pre-packaged food does not appeal to you even if this was customized specifically to your weight loss goals, then Diet To Go is not the weight loss diet program for you.

Pre-made menus. Although the main purpose of pre-made menus is to make selection as convenient as possible for Diet To Go's customers, there are those who still prefer to have their very own menu choices. This is a matter of personal choice on whether you prefer that someone creates the menu for you or not. For those who prefer more flexibility, then Diet To Go might not be for you.

Not too vibrant online support community. Diet To Go has an online support group though, which we believe appears to be not as vibrant as some of the weight loss or diet forums that we have seen elsewhere.

Important Coupon Limitations:

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Although the online support group does not appear to be too vibrant, it remains to be a good starting place for Diet To Go specific questions that you might have. 

Some people like to have face-to-face meetings with a support group or a weight loss counselor to keep themselves motivated. Unlike Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem, Diet To Go does not offer this. Having a partner or a group of people who have the same motivation to lose weight like you to join you on this diet is a great way to get some support with your weight loss journey.

Is the menu too simple for your taste? There are always be some group of people who might find certain cuisine "too simple" for their taste. If you fancy yourself to be more of the restaurant type food aficionado but would still like to have healthy diet meals delivered to your door, then you might like to try Bistro MD (Editor's Choice). Another option would be the Mediterranean Diet.

Diet To Go home delivery diet meals

Could still be "unaffordable" to some but ... Despite being relatively inexpensive compared to other diet delivery services or self-prepared meals, there are still some people who might think otherwise.

According to Diet To Go users that we have talked with, they figure that they are getting more than their money's worth with Diet To Go considering that they can end up spending more if they cook themselves or buy food from restaurants, at their local supermarket deli, or from fast food joints. Just the convenience alone is worth it to them plus the knowledge that they are eating healthy meals and losing weight makes Diet To Go a wise investment in terms of time and money.

Available only in the US. Unfortunately, for those who live outside the United States, Diet To Go does not deliver outside the United States. Due to carrier limitations and customs restrictions, Diet To Go is unable to ship beyond the US at this time. Diet To Go is available only in the US and ships as far away as Hawaii and Alaska.

> Our Bottom-line Recommendation for Diet To Go Program

With Diet To Go, you can choose from many different plans to suit your weight loss goals. Based on what we have seen, Diet To Go is one of the best and affordable diet meal delivery services in the market. There is more than enough testimonials to suggest that you can indeed achieve your weight loss goals with Diet To Go.

Important Coupon Limitations:

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Another positive factor cited by Diet To Go users is that you definitely get your money and your time's worth with the service. If you take into consideration the time for groceries (and the cost of fuel to drive), the cost of food and food ingredients, and the time to prepare your meals, you will find that ordering Diet To Go meals will be more economical money-wise and time-wise.

We highly suggest that you check out the Diet To Go site to read some of the testimonials of those who lost weight with Diet To Go. Once on the site, go to the "Success Stories" section or watch some "Success Story Videos". You'll see some really inspiring success stories and some before and after photos of  people who succeeded in achieving their weight loss goals with Diet To Go.

Our top choice for very affordable, pre-cooked meals delivered right to your home.



If the lack of time has become a major challenge for you in your quest to lose weight and in preparing healthy and nutritious meals, then we highly recommend that you seriously consider the Diet To Go diet meal delivery service. Diet To Go is our Editor's Choice for very affordable, pre-cooked meals delivered right to your home.

Now that you know the pros and cons of the Diet To Go weight loss program, the choice is up to you.

Disclosure: Compensated Affiliate

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We Cook the Food, You Lose the Weight

Do You See Yourself Losing ...

Click on your choice below and see real people with real weight loss success stories:

> 30 to 39 lbs.?


> 60 to 69 lbs.?

> 40 to 49 lbs.?


> 70 to 79 lbs.?

> 50 to 59 lbs.?

> 80 to 99 lbs.?

> 100+ lbs.?


Visitors interested in Diet To Go have also considered at Bistro MD, Mediterranean Diet, and  Medifast.

Important Coupon Limitations:

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Sample Diet To Go Meals

Chicken Parmesan
Succulent chicken breast topped with marinara and delicious cheeses, served with a side of broccoli and a dinner roll.

Turkey Salisbury Steak
Flavorful turkey patty topped with rich brown gravy, served with a side of whipped potatoes, green beans and a breadstick.

Oriental Chicken
Enjoy a delicious taste of the Orient. This dinner favorite includes chicken with sesame rice and sugar snap peas.

Grilled Italian Chicken
Grilled chicken breast enhanced with flavorful Italian seasonings, served with a side of vegetable cous cous, green beans and delicious baked focaccia.

Stuffed Shells with Spinach Sauce
A delicious blend of stuffed shells in a rich spinach sauce served with baby carrots and a honey wheat roll.

Mexican Style Burritos
There's plenty of flavor wrapped inside this Mexican favorite, served with cilantro salsa, red rice, refried beans and baby carrots. 

Vegetable Ravioli
A new twist on an old favorite, this meal features roasted red pepper sauce, ratatouille and a yummy chocolate mousse.

Barbecue Chicken
This tasty chicken is topped with barbeque sauce, grilled to perfection and served with anise roasted potatoes, barbeque beans and green beans with almonds.

Stir Fry Chicken
Delicious stir fry chicken and Oriental vegetables, served with a side of steamed brown rice. Pulled








Turkey Barbeque
Mouthwatering barbeque turkey with pocket bread is served with a side of cole slaw, black bean salad and a kaiser roll.

Old Fashioned Meatloaf
Mom's favorite, served with a healthy side of sweet potatoes and green beans.

Chicken Fajitas
Sizzling chicken fajitas with all your favorites including refried beans, salsa and baby carrots.

 > Watch Diet-To-Go Videos


  Rachel Riley lost 30 lbs. (1 minute 47 sec)

  Diet-To-Go overview by someone who loves it (14 minutes 16 sec)

 Diet-To-Go low carb meals (8 min 14 sec)

Diet-To-Go works with Sports & Health Club (2 min 56 sec)


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Important Coupon Limitations:

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Actual Testimonials

"Did We Lose Weight with Diet To Go?"

Positive      Negative

Actual user feedback

We searched the web and found the following feedback on the Diet To Go diet.

Note: Most Diet To Go users have reported losing one to two pounds on average per week. Please be aware that results may vary depending on the individual and other factors.

"I lost 236 pounds ... In just 10 months, I regained my health and my life. Once on the brink of death, I have literally been reborn ... Thank you Diet to Go for helping me achieve what I thought was unachievable."

» Scott, Diet To Go success stories

"Before I started Diet-to-Go I was 294 lbs. Being a day care provider and running after a handful of kids all day rarely gave me time to myself. It left me exhausted at the end of the day ... I currently have lost 99 lbs. and I feel great! I’ve also since added exercise to my regimen because I feel I have more energy to do it now! Diet-to-Go has helped me build a foundation for better health and I’m loving the way I look!."

» Amy, Diet To Go success stories

"I really love Diet to Go but as a vegetarian, a nutritionist by trade with an emphasis on "whole foods", an aversion to anything processed or artificially sweetened, and a genetic predisposition for obesity, there are a few personal drawbacks for me . I have never seen so much food in my life! The 5 day meal plan is probably equivalent to the amount of food I consume in a 2 week period."  

» cynthia,

"My husband and I have been on DTG for the last 6 weeks and have both lost 18 lbs each ... we are still steadily losing. I am very happy with this diet and I'm sure to hit my short term goal well before Christmas! Let me know how you are doing :)"  

» akcher, forum

"Diet To Go is going pretty well so far. The food isn't too bad, and it's nice not to have to think about it. My husband isn't enjoying it quite as much because a) he usually doesn't have to think about food anyway, since I make it, and b) he keeps missing lunch because he's busy, which really doesn't work when your breakfast and dinner are pre-packaged to contain only around 1000 calories. According to my Wii, I've lost about 8 pounds, which is pretty typical for a first week of dieting. It will be interesting to see what happens the next few weeks."  

» Cindy,

"For the first time in my life, I don't want or need to lose any more weight! I've gone from a size 14 pushing 16 to a comfortable size 4 – and I am fitting into my first size 2 pair of jeans! ... Your motivation has got to come from within. And you need to stick with it. There's no easy way to drop weight – you've got to eat right and exercise. And you need to find a plan that works on you. Diet-to-Go is my plan!"  

» Jennifer, Diet To Go success stories

"This week I continued to be amazed by the Diet to Go plan. I must say I'm sold! The ease and convenience is unrivalled, but more importantly the food is awesome! It's delicious. Certain foods that I've eaten in the last two weeks, I even find myself craving and anxious for that menu item to roll again! Never thought I'd hear myself say that about some low fat, low calorie food, but here it is in black and white for all the world to see!"

» Krissy,

"The food is fantastic and I love the fact that I don't have to cook or clean up!! I can tell you that in the 1 1/2 yrs that I have been losing weight, I haven't had problems with my knees or back, my feet and lower legs don't swell, I am exercising and now even training for the Walt Disney Half Marathon in speed walking! ... I absolutely feel 1000% different and better physically, mentally and emotionally ... Thank you so much for the service you provide!! I am not going to say you saved my life, but you helped me save my life."

» Valerie, Diet To Go success stories

"I have so many Diet-to-Go Favorite Meals. My latest favorite is the Chicken Brunswick Stew on the Traditional Low Fat Menu. This meal is delicious and the lentil corn loaf that comes with it just brings it all together. A Low Fat Veggie Meal that is one of my favorites is the Morrocan Lentil Salad. Here is a suggestion on how to eat it. I love to warm up the pita bread and Lentil Salad and then put the salad on the bread and drizzle with the yogurt sauce. Both these are delicious and meals and that fact that they are low fat brings an extra smile to my face."

» Mary, forum on Diet-To-Go

"Thank you so very much. I appreciate everything! I am down 15 pounds and plan to keep going! I appreciate your service so much. My husband had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high sugar -- all his numbers are fantastic!! We will live in good health, I'm sure! Thanks."

» Sue M., Diet To Go success stories

"The food is really, really tasty. Diet to Go is perfect for someone who hates cooking just for one and settles for a can of soup or take-out for dinner. You get three meals a day so you can take a complete breakfast and lunch to the office to avoid the ever-tempting bacon, egg and cheese on a roll in the morning and those huge deli sandwiches served with mayo-drenched side salads everyone else in the office is ordering for lunch. These meals are delicious so trust me, you will want to eat them!"  

» cynthia,


Do You See Yourself Losing ...

Click on your choice below and see real people with real weight loss success stories:

> 30 to 39 lbs.?


> 60 to 69 lbs.?

> 40 to 49 lbs.?


> 70 to 79 lbs.?

> 50 to 59 lbs.?

> 80 to 99 lbs.?

> 100+ lbs.?


"I absolutely love the meals! Everything is fresh and soooo delicious!! Somebody must really love me!!!.....No shopping, no cooking, no dishes to leftovers to worry seriously decreases my stress levels ... "

» Mary, Diet To Go success stories

"I just wanted to say that I've lost 14 pounds after 5 weeks on the diet. The meals are very fresh, and I haven't found a meal yet that I don't like! This diet is really headache-free, as I don't have to worry about what I'm eating for each's already prepared!"

» Melissa, Diet To Go success stories

"I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with Diet to Go. I've been doing the low carb plan for two months and I have lost 22 lbs. It's the easiest plan I have ever tried. It's convenient, portion-controlled, and the food tastes great. I love the breakfasts especially, and the pot roast is the best I've ever tasted. I love having the planning and decision making done for me."

» C.S., Diet To Go success stories

"Diet to Go is a really neat concept. I have used them from time to time, and am currently using them in my quest to get my SEXYBACK... ;-) I have personally tried all of them at one time or another and am currently on the Vegetarian Plan. The food is delicious, fresh and absolutely convenient. You just simply pop the food in the microwave and you're done!"

» Lydia,

"I was only concerned that the food may not taste good ... I started losing within the first week and steadily kept going downward. Even when I plateaued, I was able to stick with it, because it really was all the food I loved. I wasn't feeling deprived in any way and was never hungry. Inevitably, the plateau ends, and I lose more ... I love the food, I love the convenience of picking up all my meals for the week and not having to think about what I'll eat. And most of all, I love the results."

» Patty, Diet To Go success stories

"My Mom started your program earlier this year. My family and her doctors are so thrilled with her progress and I thought I would share… do make a difference. My mother has lost over 60lbs in 6 months and doing so much better. Overall, she still has more weight to lose but we are way closer down the path than ever before and the weightless would not have been possible without your help….you make a difference."

» H.G., Diet To Go success stories

"I've been eating Diet to Go meals for the past 4 months. My most recent A1C test level was a 6.0 (from 11.4; the American Diabetes Association defines a "well controlled" diabetic as a 7.0 or below)! My doctor was very impressed with the drop in my blood sugar levels. Diet to Go allows me to eat healthy and maintain and control my blood sugar levels far beyond the expectations of my doctor. "

» K.P., Diet To Go success stories

"I actually even recommend Diet-To-Go based on the fact that it is real food that a local chef prepares, so its like having your own personal chef to help you adjust to consuming less. This is not to say that you can’t do it yourself because you can, but lets face it, getting started is the hardest part. Rest easy though, once you make it through the first 2-3 weeks it becomes much easier ... "

» Rachael,

"I was skeptical at first. I was mostly concerned about bland tasting food or small portion sizes. I decided to go ahead and give it a try, though, and I'm so glad I did! The food is wonderful and always fills me up! I'm on my second full week and I've already lost 4.5 pounds. I'm never hungry, I feel great, and I find myself really looking forward to my meals. Even my family takes notice and says, "That's diet food?" Sometimes they actually get jealous about what I'm having rather than the other way around!"

» K.L., Diet To Go success stories

"Of course, I get to tell people often because I receive many comments on how good I look ... I lost my pregnancy weight in 2 months. Now, I'm working on my lifetime weight. I've currently lost 25 pounds in two and a half months and I look forward to continuing that loss."

» Donna, Diet To Go success stories

"The only thing I will be doing in the future. is probably removing the food from the plastic container and heating it in the microwave/ convection oven on combo. Both meals had a increased amount of moisture in the package from freezing freshly cooked food .. so they would be better when some of the moisture can evaporate while heating ... "

» Renita,

"I just wanted to let you know that I love this service! The food is wonderful and I am eating for my health, not just "stress eating." The portions are healthy, the variety is great, and I have lost 8 pounds! Most importantly, I know I am doing something good and proactive for myself and that feels great."

» R.S., Diet To Go success stories

"... I found Diet to Go online and ordered my meals. I started with 1600 calories a day and after a few months switched to 1200. After I had lost about 30 pounds I added walking and not long after that, I added strength training ..."

» Darla, Diet To Go success stories

"We have also really appreciated the great service. Everyone in your customer service department has been great to deal with ..."  

» Charles and Terri, Diet To Go success stories


Do You See Yourself Losing ...

Click on your choice below and see real people with real weight loss success stories:

> 30 to 39 lbs.?


> 60 to 69 lbs.?

> 40 to 49 lbs.?


> 70 to 79 lbs.?

> 50 to 59 lbs.?

> 80 to 99 lbs.?

> 100+ lbs.?


"As to the sides: White Bean Salad: ho-hum. Too strong a green pepper taste that overwhelmed the mild white beans. And the sauce was bland. I picked out the beans and ate them (I love legumes!) ..."

» mirtika,

"My latest new fave is the chugwater chili. They forgot to send it last menu cycle so didn't try it till this time and I thought it was great. This is where it helps to have DTG portion-controlled meals, because if I had a whole pot of that sitting on the stove I would have eaten a lot more."

» CJS, forum on Diet-To-Go

"This is my fifth week with Diet to Go. I have lost ten pounds and feel great. I love the convenience. No cooking, no cleanup, just a few minutes in the microwave and its ready. There is a good variety of food and it tastes great!!!! Thanks, Diet to Go! "

» Darlene, Diet To Go success stories

"I like the DTG, but Week 3 has entirely too much beans, and the bean salad and lentil thingy are both waaaay vinegary. I'm gonna see if they'll let me try a week of the low fat diet in place of the veg diet. ... "

» grasshoppa, Diet To Go forum

"I still want to enjoy life, I love good food so I want to eat! That's why, to my surprise, when I came across DTG, I was overcome with a tremendous feeling of relief!!! I honestly said "this is way too good to be true! What's the catch!!!?" Food that I enjoy, that has already been correctly portioned for me!! No thinking required!!!!!! DTG WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE??!!!!"

» Stephanie, Diet To Go success stories

"I am a widow and stopped cooking for myself ... I feel more energetic and I'm starting to look good again. I am completing my fourth week and have already lost 12 pounds. I have reordered for another 4 weeks. Thanks Diet To Go"

» Roberta, Diet To Go success stories

"Since starting my "Its time to eat right diet," I've enjoyed your diet to go 1600 calorie diet plan. Most importantly I now take lunch and dinner to work, so I can eat healthy at appropriate hours. Several of my colleagues have noticed the difference (34 pounds so far) at least a half dozen have asked for your information. At this point at least four colleagues are now on various diet to go menu plans because they've seen proven results, not to mention they've seen some of the meals I've been able to have while on a diet."

» Ken, Diet To Go success stories

Are you on or have you been on the Diet To Go program? Tell us about your experience.

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