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Medifast Review

Meal replacements + regular meals

Can You Really Lose Weight Effectively and Safely with Medifast?

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What's the real scoop on Medifast? Since a lot of people have been hearing about and have become very interested in Medifast to help them lose weight, they have asked us to give the real scoop on this weight loss diet program, to which we have obliged.

The big question among our readers is what exactly is Medifast? Does it really live up to its claim that you can lose weight effectively and safely? Can you really lose weight by eating six meals a day just as this diet program requires? These are just among some of the questions that we'll try to answer as we look into this program in detail. 

Medifast is one of those meal replacement weight loss programs that you will find in the market today — but keep in mind that not all meal replacement programs are created equal. Is this weight loss diet program worth your time, effort, and money? Let's examine what this program is really all about so that you can decide for yourself whether Medifast is right for you.


> Underlying Principle

According to weight loss site, Medifast was originally developed by a Johns Hopkins University physician to help surgery patients lose weight quickly prior to their surgery. (Just a side note: For those of you who are not aware of Johns Hopkins University, this academic institution is home to the prestigious Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health or JHSPH, which is a leading international medical and health authority on the improvement of health and prevention of disease and disability.

JHSPH's primary mission is "to protect populations from illness and injury by pioneering new research, deploying its knowledge and expertise in the field, and educating scientists and practitioners in the global defense of human life". The school is highly rated in the United States and ranks first in public health and has held that ranking since 1994.) As a result of the Medifast diet's effectiveness for quick and safe weight loss, this weight loss diet program has since been made available for more people to help them achieve their weight loss goals and have better health.


Medifast meal plan

This diet is a portion-controlled, nutritionally balanced, low fat weight loss program that helps people lose weight faster and more effectively than traditional diet plans. This highly effective weight loss program uses a combination of meal replacements and real food — making it more sustainable for people to go through the diet.

The premise of the Medifast diet program is that starving is not the answer to losing weight. Instead, what gets your metabolism going to lose weight is by following a routine of eating nutritionally balanced and portioned meals every two to three hours instead of the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner routine.

> Top Reasons to Go On This Diet Program

Below are some of the reasons why the Medifast diet program is increasingly becoming very popular among people who are trying to lose weight.


Clinically proven to be effective. Medifast is a clinically proven diet meal replacement plan that has been found to be effective for weight loss in studies conducted at reputable medical institutions in the United States. Such effectiveness in helping people lose weight has made this diet one of the most highly rated diet programs today.

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Researchers from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that people under the Medifast diet program lost twice as much weight and were twice as likely to complete the program than those following a diet based on the American Diabetes Association (ADA) dietary guidelines (see research here). Another study by Johns Hopkins University found users of this diet program lost twice the weight than those on the ADA recommended diet for patients with type 2 diabetes (see research here). For a summary of clinical studies on the Medifast diet program by reputable medical and health institutions, click here.

Highly recommended by doctors. You should have more confidence in a diet program that has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors to over 1 million people worldwide since 1980. To this day, Medifast remains highly recommended by doctors since it has been clinically tested and proven to be effective and safe for losing weight. People who have lost weight through this revolutionary diet program swear by the simplicity and effectiveness of the program.


Medifast success: real testimonials from real people

Actual testimonials of people who have lost weight. Medifast does not fall short in proving that people have really lost weight with their program. You will find countless unsolicited testimonials of real people who have actually lost weight through this  diet program on their site. We found these stories very inspiring and proof that here is really an effective, fast, and safe solution to obesity and losing weight.

Our research has also shown that you will find a lot of testimonials about how Medifast has helped people (even those who were classified as overly obese) in losing weight and achieving their target or ideal weight.

Although most users of this weight loss diet have reported losing one to two pounds on average per week, there are those who reported losing more than this average. You can read Medifast success stories and learn from actual experiences of those who went through this diet program.


Medifast enhanced meal plan

Easy to follow diet program. Medifast meals offer over 60 different meal choices, including shakes, soups, stew, oatmeal, chili, hot and cold drinks, scrambled eggs, bars, and puddings. delivered to your home.

This diet program is centered around the “5 & 1 Plan” meal combination. With the "5 and 1 Plan", you eat 6 times a day — 5 Medifast meals and 1 "Lean and Green Meal" that you prepare yourself. The lean and green meal can include up to seven ounces of chicken, turkey or fish, of up to five ounces of beef, pork or lamb. The lean and green meal can be eaten at any time during the day.

Users of this diet program attest to the simplicity of the 5 and 1 Plan. When asked if this is something that they would recommend to other dieters, without hesitation, they said that they would highly recommend Medifast over any other weight loss program.

Well-balanced, pre-portioned meal replacements. The science behind Medifast's meal replacements are resoundingly sound. Calorie controlled, packed with vitamins and nutrients and with exact counts of carbohydrates and protein, this attention to detail makes losing weight much, much less of a chore.

Important Coupon Limitations:

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Great program to change your eating habits. The Medifast diet program is like a behavior modification tool to help individuals change their overall lifestyles. The diet program offers structured weight loss and maintenance phases to help its users safely and effectively lose weight and change their eating habits and lifestyle long-term.

Keep in mind that the Medifast diet program is not just any kind of short term weight loss solution. This program teaches you to plan your diet properly so that you don’t feel hunger cravings and eat healthy food in small quantities so that you are able to lose weight quickly.

Various plans to choose from. This diet program has various plans for you to choose from. Medifast offers special diets for diabetics, vegetarians, gluten-intolerant individuals, nursing moms, seniors, and teens. For those who are lactose intolerant, this diet also has food choices to help you. This weight loss diet program is also suitable for vegetarians looking to lose weight. In short, the diet can be customized or has various plan packages to suit your every need.

Delivered directly to your home. Medifast meals are pre-packed and are delivered directly to your homes which makes it very convenient.

Vibrant online community available to support you. You won't feel alone in your journey to lose weight. Medifast has an online community to support you or if you have questions about this weight loss diet program.

> Potential Issues With The Diet Program

Below are what we see may be potential issues with this diet:


Pre-packaged, meal replacements not appealing to some people. If you don't like pre-packaged food or meal replacements, then you might have to do some adjusting to this plan. Medifast meals are pre-packaged for your convenience. Studies have shown though that meal replacements could be more effective than conventional food-based diets.

Home-cooked type of food this is not. Being pre-packaged, you don't have much semblance to home-cooked meals. The inclusion of the "Lean and Green Meal" in the 5 and 1 plan gives you a chance to eat your home-cooked type of meal though. If you want to learn more about some of the "Lean and Green Meal" recipes, you can check out this YouTube channel.

Must include exercise. Exercise is part of the success of the Medifast diet program. At some point of the program, exercise is low key but there comes a period when you have to exercise on a regular basis to enhance your weight loss. Most successful and effective weight loss programs include exercise as part of the lifestyle change and Medifast is no different from this.

Important Coupon Limitations:

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So for those who are not fond of exercising, you will have to change your attitude towards this and get your butts off the couch. If it's for your overall physical well-being and health, this is worth it. If healthy and a fast weight loss is your goal, then you have to force yourself into this regimen.

Just keep in mind that the best weight loss programs involve both proper diet and a healthy dose of exercise. Losing weight is is not easy but through hard work and discipline, you can achieve your goal.

No face-to-face support group. Some people like to have face-to-face meetings with a support group or a weight loss counselor to keep themselves motivated. Medifast does not offer this yet. I say "yet" because Medifast weight loss centers are only now expanding into certain locations in the U.S.

If you are the type of person who needs a support group or a counselor, and you would like to go with this program, try to find people who are using the Medifast diet program in your community or city.

Weaning out of the program. Lifestyle and behavioral changes are critical to the success of any weight loss diet program. The Medifast diet program helps you change your bad eating habits  and lifestyle for the better. Easing out of the program could take a little bit of adjustment for some.

Do You See Yourself Losing ...

Click on your choice below and see real people with real Medifast success stories:

> 30 to 39 lbs.?


> 60 to 69 lbs.?

> 40 to 49 lbs.?


> 70 to 79 lbs.?

> 50 to 59 lbs.?

> 80 to 99 lbs.?

> 100+ lbs.?

According to people who have successfully lost weight (and kept it off) with Medifast, during the course of the program, you learn great eating and lifestyle ideas and information that you will remember and apply to maintain your new weight and self image.

Online orders available only in the US. Unfortunately, Medifast online orders are only available in the United States. If you live outside the United States and are interested in Medifast, you might like to find out who the local distributors are for Medifast.

medifast coupon

> Our Bottom Line Recommendation

If there is one diet program that you must look into seriously to lose weight within a short period of time, the Medifast diet program is one you should consider. Based on our research and the feedback that we have seen and been getting about this diet program, Medifast is one of the most effective ways to lose weight fast, and most importantly, safely. There is more than enough sufficient evidence — backed by tons of testimonials and clinical studies — to prove that the Medifast diet program is effective and safe for losing weight.

According to people who have successfully lost weight on the Medifast diet program, without any question, they would recommend Medifast anytime. It worked for them and they have no doubts that Medifast will work for others too.

We highly suggest that you to check out the Medifast site to see some of the amazing success stories of people who lost weight with the Medifast diet program. You will find real testimonials (and their actual before and after pictures) from real people who have lost from 40 to over 100 lbs. by simply following the Medifast diet program. One of the must read success stories is that of Danny Ninkovic. Danny lost a mind-boggling 132 lbs. and provides a very inspiring story of how his life changed as a result of the Medifast diet program. There is nothing like watching these actual success stories to inspire you and let you know that there is a proven solution available to help you achieve your weight loss goals. You can watch the video below:


Our top choice for overall fast and effective weight loss.

Based on what we have seen and learned about Medifast, we think that the Medifast diet program is one of the soundest weight loss diet programs that you will find in the market today. In fact, due to its effectiveness and growing popularity, Medifast has gotten to a point where the positions of two of the three so-called giants in the weight loss diet industry are now being seriously threatened. Whether you need to lose 15 pounds or more than 100 pounds, Medifast is Did We Lose Weight's top pick to help you lose weight fast and safely.

Important Coupon Limitations:

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We have also checked into Medifast's refund policy. In the event that you decide that this is not the weight loss program for you or if you are not satisfied with the program, Medifast has a 30-day refund policy wherein the company will refund the purchase price of the unopened food items that you ship back to them. We think that this is fair for both you and Medifast. This is definitely a big plus for you, most especially since it gives you a chance to try Medifast and get yourself on the right path to weight loss.

By the way, Medifast also has one of the most friendly customer support teams that we have talked with. If you require a refund, just call them up. Their phone number can be found in the upper left-hand corner of every single page of their site. You can also chat with them or have them call you if you prefer.

We have presented the pros and cons of the Medifast diet program. The choice is now up to you.

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Tyler Synan lost 165 lbs* with Medifast!

"I saw a Medifast commercial, spoke to representatives several times — and thought I didn't have anything to lose by giving it a try."

Every year People's "Half Their Size" issue hits the stands in December with success stories from those who achieved this amazing weight-loss goal. This year’s January issue of People's "Half Their Size" featured Tyler Synan's Medifast success story!

Tyler Synan is a 23 year old security operator from Springfield, Oregon who decided to go on Medifast after seeing a commercial on TV. He got on board Medifast and lost an astonishing 162 pounds. According to Tyler, in high school, he always carried two liters of soda and a bag of chips and had always been chunky.

Prior to losing more than half his size, Tyler had been in the emergency room several times. According to him, he was having breathing problem incidents as a result of eating way too much.

At the age of 21, he had an epiphany: "I was afraid I'd end up 40 and bedridden. I worked graveyard shifts as a security operator, and Medifast commercials were on TV. I tried it; the first week was hell. But I felt empowered when I lost 10 lbs."

"The first time I got down to a size large, I cried a little. Now I feel like a lot more is possible."

With the success of his weight loss, Tyler can now do everything — walk, run, skateboard, bike, hike, and swim — things which he found very challenging when he weighed at 312 lbs.

Read Tyler's profile and read more about his amazing story.



Denise Giesbers lost half her size — 152 lbs* — using Medifast!

"One of the best decisions I've ever made!"

Last year's January issue of People's "Half Their Size" featured this amazing Medifast success story.

Denise Giesbers is a 32-year-old information center director and mom from Oregon who used the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan to lose exactly half her weight. She notes that two pregnancies and a craving for salty, high-calorie snacks contributed to her reaching 304 lbs.

In August 2008, her husband Brent confronted her — not because he cared about her appearance, but because he knew that Denise's weight was threatening her health and safety.

"I'm afraid you're going to die on me," he said. Denise says this was her "wake-up call."

"There are so many things I do now with my family that I wasn't able to fully do before," Denise told People. "Going to a movie, I'm not self-conscious, wondering what the person next to me is thinking."

Neighbors in their small town have even wondered if Brent was secretly dating a young, healthy "other woman" — but it turned out they had spotted him with Denise herself.

Denise keeps Medifast Crunch Bars in her purse and car — even in the pockets of her coats. "Then I have something to fill me up if I don't expect to be out," she says.

You can see Denise's profile for yourself, and read her inspiring story.

*Results not typical. You should not expect to experience these results. Typical weight loss on the Medifast 5&1 Plan is up to 2 to 5 lbs per week.

How Much Weight Did We Lose With Medifast?

 > Watch Medifast Testimonials


 Medifast Success Stories - Hannah


 Medifast Success Stories - Diana

 Mindy Denton Medifast Success Story (58 sec)

Medifast featured on Fox News Baltimore (3 min 15 sec)


Medifast Succes stories - Susan

This lady lost 69 lbs. on Medifast (1 min 17 sec)


Medifast Success Stories - Connie

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Important Coupon Limitations:

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Click here to learn more about Medifast Achieve Program Now.

Visitors interested in Medifast have also considered Diet to Go and  Bistro MD.

More Actual Testimonials

"Did We Lose Weight with Medifast?"

Positive      Negative

Actual user feedback

We searched the web and found the following feedback on the Medifast diet.

Note: Most Medifast users have reported losing one to two pounds on average per week. Please be aware that results may vary depending on the individual and other factors.

"I lost 40pounds on Medifast in 2 months. I started to plateau and cheated a little bit but did not gain any weight until I went off the program (without following their transition plan). I was really "carb" shy because I had avoided bread, dairy, cereal, pasta, rice, etc. I had gained about 10 pounds back and thought I would try Weight Watchers. What a disaster! ... I I am back on Medifast and am in the "fat burning" state as we speak. It does work."

» mmcgraw68, forum

"... last year, after a family member told me about Medifast, I decided to try it. I started MediFast at 220 pounds. I wish I had taken a 'before' pic, but alas. Anyway, since then, I've lost 89 pounds and now wear a size 8/10 and a Large in shirts. My BMI is 23; in the normal  range."

» mjhart23, Medifast feedback

"OK, halfway through day one. I have to say, I am very hungry with this plan so far, and waiting 2.5 hours between "feedings" is killing me. I am not cranky or miserable yet, but a little light headed and have a bit of a headache. But generally I feel like I'm doing something good, something that will have big rewards in the end... "

» Boudicca71, Medifast forum

"It is a very easy diet to stay on plan with. The taste of most of their products never bothered me but, there were some I did not care for. But generally you can turn them into something else. I came to this site looking for an alternate diet and found I like the one I'm with! ..."

» LyndaGW39, Medifast forum

"On January 12, I will have been on Medifast approximately 100 days -- just over three months. There have been occasional stalls for up to a week ... But I am thrilled with my weight loss -- fifty pounds so far. It is inexpensive, it is fast, and I feel like a new person ..."

» lettingslenderin, Medifast forum

"The Medifast program is absolutely unbelievable! The food is outstanding, nutritious and satisfying. It is also extremely easy to follow and the meals are quick to prepare. It is also relatively inexpensive ... Since beginning my diet, I have lost approximately 163 pounds. "

» John, success stories

"I've been on Medifast since last October, and have lost nearly 150 pounds. I still have a long way to go, but no - it's not a liquid diet. I have 5 MF meals a day plus one "Lean and Green" meal - with calories hovering somewhere around 1000 a day. Medifast meals can include shakes, hot or cold drinks, and soups, puddings, oatmeal and (pretty darned yummy) bars ...  I honestly feel amazing, and it's all thanks to Medifast."

» starbunny, Medifast forum

"I started Medifast after a coworker successfully lost weight on the program and told me about it. I ordered a month’s supply and never looked back ... Medifast not only helped me lose weight, but taught me how to eat right — small, healthy meals throughout the day ..."

» Jennifer, success stories

"Medifast is a good program. I lost 110 pounds on Medifast. I did follow transition though. Took twice as long as recommended. It does work, but as with anything else, if you don't learn behavior modification the weight will come back."

» knight76306, forum

"Scott and I really recommend Medifast. It's strict but it works. I mean, Scott has lost over 70 lbs in less than 6 months! I've lost 34 lbs in 3 months."

» wife of SAM, forum

"I did Medifast for about 9 weeks and lost 48 pounds. In the interest of full disclosure, I was over 300 pounds when I started. It is very restrictive but it works! Headaches? Didn't have a problem with them at all ... I stopped because it was expensive and I missed real food ..."

» Kelleel, forum

"I use MediFast products too, though they are not very low carb, I can manage one MF item every other day and still stay on plan. They are very tasty, nutritious, loaded with protein, and filling. I shop from their vegetarian safe items list, though, because not all MF items are vegetarian. Their brownies, pancakes, and puddings are the BOMB!"

» nikki, forum

"... have discovered that MF is the perfect fit for us ... I've lost 55 pounds so far, the most I've ever lost! I'll be here until I'm satisfied with my weight (which is probably another 20-30 pounds but now feels DO-ABLE!)"

» Valerie, forum

"Hey, I have been on medifast 5&1 plan for 3 months. I've lost 28 lbs, which is a miracle ... I've got 20 lbs to go until my next mini goal ..."

» stacivogue, forum

"I've been on Medifast for 9 weeks and lost 20 pounds, for a total this year of 45."

» varnerific, forum

"I am now in maintenance, but lost 52 pounds while on the 5&1 and 4&2 in about 4 months. (I had to transition to 4&2 because of my workouts.) And I have lost another 8 pounds since. It is a great program, but don't cheat if you want to see the optimum results. Also try to incorporate some exercise as soon as you are able."

» emandbensmom, forum

"This week marks my 1 year Medi-anniversary. June 6, 2009 I started my first day of this journey with a Medifast oatmeal. Little did I know then that I had just discovered the secret to fast safe weight loss. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that in 33 weeks I would lose 80 lbs and reach my goal. Now 88 lbs lighter and feeling so much better in so many ways I’m so thankful to Medifast and Take Shape For Life for giving me an even better all new life. I have now been maintaining over a month with no problems. I took the lessons I learned while on the program and continue to follow them everyday. The weight is staying off and I couldn’t be happier ... I love Medifast because it works."

» NataliJo,

"It's been one of those weeks! I am so happy the weekend is approaching. My husband has been gone since I started Medifast, so I've lost 10 lbs since the last time he's seen me ... It will be another month before I see him again, I'd love to drop another 10 lbs! I think the mini goals keep me going.. and when I hit 170 lbs I promised myself a haircut!"

» trennarene,

"I'm on the Medifast plan, and as much as I like Medifast, it really stimulates the Plate-Cleaner in me. I pump those Medifast pouches like a bellows, like an accordion player trying to get every speck of Medi-Dust that is my due ... Maybe it's because the portions of Medifast are so.....I don't want to say small, but they take getting used to. As a society, we scoff at the recommended serving of chips, 6 chips? Mwaaa haaa haaa. This is a portion awakening, realizing we were or at least I was routinely eating mega portions."

» jefecita,

"I used Medifast through august and September reaching my goal weight Oct 5th WOOHOO \o/ I did slip of a time or too and i seemed super hard as I got closer to goal but I made it. Can't believe the foods i love now and it's crazy the foods I no longer miss or desire to eat! I've maintained my weight since then and am cheering on my DH who has lost 45 lbs since August and has 15 more to go to reach his goal. YAY! :D"

» max4pups, forum

Are you on or have you been on the Medifast Diet? Tell us about your experience.

email us:

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Actual Testimonials

"Did We Lose Weight with Medifast?"

Positive      Negative

Actual user feedback

We searched the web and found the following feedback on the Medifast diet.

Note: Most Medifast users have reported losing one to two pounds on average per week. Please be aware that results may vary depending on the individual and other factors.

"After having my children, I really struggled with my weight. My self-confidence plummeted and I found myself depressed. Carrying an extra 45 lbs sapped my energy and made me want to avoid social situations ... I saw results right away. I lost 4 lbs in the first week and continued to lose every week thereafter, which was so encouraging. I lost 45 lbs and went from a size 12 to a size 2 in less than four months!"

» Stacy, success stories

"Since starting Medifast I have lost 111 pounds. I feel great! I went from a size 22 to a size 4. I feel fantastic, both physically and mentally. Besides the normal back, joint and ankle pain that comes from being overweight so long, I was starting to develop other serious health problems as well. The food that I was eating was providing me with no nutrition - it was all junk. Since starting Medifast, my energy has increased. I am healthier now than I have been in years ..."

» Laura, success stories

"... I also want to share that I had my measurements taken (we do this every four weeks) and I have lost another 7.5 inches!!! SO, in my first 9 weeks on Medifast, I am down over 18 lbs and over 33 inches!!!"

» Lani M.,

Do You See Yourself Losing ...

Click on your choice below and see real people with real Medifast success stories:

> 30 to 39 lbs.?


> 60 to 69 lbs.?

> 40 to 49 lbs.?


> 70 to 79 lbs.?

> 50 to 59 lbs.?

> 80 to 99 lbs.?

> 100+ lbs.?

"I'm down 50 lbs with MF (Medifast)! It's a great plan that works just like it's written. I don't mess with recipes other than the lean and green. The first week can be a little rough, but after that it's just a matter of sticking with it!"

» Belinda, forum

"Thank you, Medifast, for giving me my life back. It was the easiest thing I've ever done and I wasn't even hungry ... I saw immediate results and was ecstatic. I lost 50 lbs more in the next 13 weeks. My original goal was 150 lbs. On the maintenance program I lost an additional 25 lbs for a total weight loss of 75 lbs. My friends and family were amazed at my transformation! At 49 years of age people tell me I look 15 years younger, and some of my friends didn't even recognize me at first ... "

» Amanda, success stories

"My starting weight was 189 pounds. Great, 70 pounds to my target, and my tiny Body Glove bikini that I bought when my husband was in medical school awaited me ... Each week, I lost 2-4 pounds! I found that it was a no-brainer to follow the diet. I had more time to my day because I didn’t have to worry about eating ..."

» Thuxoan, success stories

"Medifast does fit reasonably well, and it's working. I do know it isn't the best option, but it seems to be the right option for me at least at this point. It has taught me to be much more careful to what I eat. Even when I've been out with friends, I've been able to stick to the plan. I'm not hungry, and I'm losing weight ... I'm down 46lb since I started. I'm just ~3 lb away from to top 10 "biggest losers" ..."

» dotorg, Medifast forum

"... Weighing in at 169 pounds this morning, I am down 19.3 since starting Medifast on January 11 and down 39.3 pounds since officially starting my healthiness journey over a year ago. I only have 19 pounds left to reach my goal. I am stunned that I am almost there. I am stunned by the way I look even right now though I'm not yet to goal. I am stunned that I fit into a size 10 (I have been a 16 for as long as I can remember). I get choked up thinking about the fact I am excited to go swimsuit shopping and that I am not the least bit worried about taking my son to swim lessons or wearing a swimsuit in front of other people. I can't believe I will go to Disneyland with my family later this year and not think twice about being too big for a ride or wearing shorts. I am stunned how much this is changing my life ... THIS is the me I am meant to be: healthy, fit and happy."

» Joanne,

"As of today, I have lost 28 pounds in 8 weeks on the Medifast Diet program and have 57 more pounds to lose to reach my goal. If I can do it, anyone can. I've tried every diet known to mankind for 30 years including the Atkins Diet. None of them can compare to the Medifast Diet..."

» defragged, Medifast review

" ... I have loss 151 lbs in 25 weeks. I have met my summer goal of getting under 600 lbs i and now 596 lbs!!!! Go me go me go me go me !!!! LOL i am doing so well on this program, i have been able to get out the house more and live. I rode with my queen to do some errands yesterday and it just feel so good to get out with no problem ..."

» LaWonda,

"... I've lost 11 lbs...I've only got 9 lbs to go...I feel like I'm so close to my goal that I shouldn't give up just yet. I'm sharing this with you because I was hoping I would come to a conclusion after writing my feelings all down. And I think I've come to a conclusion. I want to stick with the diet. I want to lose this weight. I'm so determined! So, I guess I'll stick it out and hope our next shipment comes in before we run out. And if we do run out before our next shipment gets here, it's not the end of the world. At this point, I trust Medifast more than I trust my mouth. Come on body, let's do this!"

» Britanny,

"Last year at this time (end of June, actually) I was 248.5 lbs. This morning I weighed in at 170.0 lbs exactly. I graduated high school (20 years ago!) at 210 lbs. ..."

» Puck, puck's blog

"I’m now 43 lbs. lighter and wearing a size 6! Even better, I feel great about myself, and my blood tests say I am now very healthy. I’m learning to love compliments – especially when people have told me I look like I’m 25 – that’s like a 17-year makeover! ... "

» Sheryl, success stories

"... I've given up Medifast for good in my head. I've gone back to Weight Watchers/calorie counting. I've convinced myself that one of the reasons I couldn't stick to Medifast was I couldn't deal with the cravings. I know that I could try, stick with it...blah blah blah. I threw in the towel, I was sick of swimming upstream."

» Tracy,

"I've tried Jenny Craig, New Day, Atkins, Slim Fast, WW, you name it I've tried it. Nothing worked. The (Medifast) plan worked for me, it was a God send! Totally a good fit. I averaged about 1 1/2 - 2 pounds per week, perfect for me. So here I am maintaining at 160 (from 215) and have maintained since Thanksgiving of 2006!."

» CinnamonGirl, Medifast forum



"After 6 months on the program, I have lost a total of 110 pounds. I feel great!! It’s hard to put into words the feeling that you get from such a huge life change. It's a little overwhelming, but I'm enjoying every moment. I am now at my goal weight of 194 pounds. I plan on keeping Medifast around the house to help me keep the weight off. ..."

» Brent, success stories

"I was obese and very unhappy with the way I looked and felt. I had severe osteoarthritis in my knees, and I would go straight to the couch or bed as soon as I came home from work ... My friends are just stunned at my results on the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan. And, thank goodness, my husband was entirely supportive. It would have been so easy for him to say, 'No, we can't afford this,' but instead he said, 'We can't afford for you to be unhealthy and unhappy.' ..."

» Linda, success stories

"At 247 lbs, I felt the real me was trapped in an overweight person's body and I couldn't get out. Now, I'm able to look in the mirror and smile ... I started the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan on May 9, 2009, and lost 19 lbs in four weeks! I went from 247 lbs to 147 lbs in nine months; it seemed like the weight just fell off ..."

» Jackie, success stories

"I would recommend MediFast for any body wanting to lose weight, safely and easily. I have dropped 54lbs in 22 weeks. Far easier and more effective WW. Not hungry, boost in energy, more positive, health has improved, and the list goes on. You owe it to yourself to check it out."

» KatyBee, forum

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"THANK YOU MEDIFAST! I cannot say it enough, thank you, thank you, thank you! ... On the Medifast program, you just eat when you're told to, eat what you're told to and exercise and drink water and start to move your body. THEN your body starts to change...when you lose the weight, you gain confidence ... I just wanted to be healthy again and make better choices. In four months, I have lost 63 pounds! How thrilling. Medifast has changed my life. I will be forever grateful for that ... "

» Shannon W., success stories

"I weighed in this morning at 184.5. I lost 2 lbs this week for a total of 22 lbs in 6 weeks ... This weight is new territory for me since I was able to get as low at 186.5 last year before gaining 20 back. I did realize that although I may be on the slower end of losing (Medifast says 2-5 lbs per week average) that I am nearing the 170's. Now...THAT would be something for me to celebrate ..."

» Jennifer,

"Well, I have finished with my time on the Medifast diet and I can say that I have been extremely pleased with the results. I lost a total of 15 pounds and I am very happy with that ... Medifast made good on their promises about the amount of weight that I would lose ... "

» Justin, Medifast Journey


"I have lost 42 pounds so far! This stuff works! ... Sorry didn't put that I lost in 7-8 weeks... I am happy so far!! "

» stonefemme, Medifast works

"I am so thankful for Medifast!! I have lost over 40 pounds and been able to keep it off! I feel so much better about my appearance. It has given me back the self-confidence that I had lost. ... "

» Shannon R., success stories

" I went from a plus size 16 to a size 6 in 8 months. It was worth every penny. My belief is that this plan, while convenient and effective, was not the key to my weight loss -- my commitment to it was the key ... There's no question that Medifast got me to a total babe status, but it is equally clear that it's up to me to keep myself that way. "

» lisas77, Medifast review

"I have lost 160 lbs since May '09. I agree that moderation and common sense are the true keys to success, but I needed help drop the pounds. I was 365, now 205 at 6'1. I used Medifast. Not for everyone I'm sure, but it worked for me. I never went hungry and began to learn about portion control. I now have a a much healthier diet post-Medifast. Lots of vegetables, fruits, lean protein, etc. I go to the gym 4x per week, walk the other 3. Life is a whole lot easier when you are not obese."

» 160lbs, Medifast feedback

"I lost over 50 pounds in two and a half months-easily and healthily ... Now I've been sporting a size 3 to 5 for over a year now, thanks to the program ..."

» Sonia,

"Woohoo! I have lost 22.9 pounds since starting Medifast! Lost 1 1/4 inches from my waist . I feel great! Sleeping better...moving better! It is awesome! Got some new bars-s'mores and caramel crunch-delicious. Parmesan puffs are yum as well. Watching my portions more carefully...gonna break the 25 pound mark next week! Onward and upward!"

» Shelley,

"I started using Medifast on March 2. As of May 2 (that's two months later, for those of you as math-challenged as I am), I'm down 25+ pounds. Now. If you've been paying any kind of attention at all, you know that I have been very disciplined about adhering to the Medifast plan mostly. But not entirely ..."

» Kristy,

" When I was 218 lbs, I ached all over. I had difficulty breathing and was too bulky to do any of the activities that I wanted to enjoy, like mountain biking and yoga. I dreaded going out in public and covered up my entire body with oversized clothing, even though my obesity was very obvious. ... At 133 lbs, my heart rate is normal, I'm not out of breath, my knees went from crunching and buckling when I walked to being pain-free, and I can touch my toes during yoga! ..."  

» Jessica, success stories

"I am 30 years old, and ever since I had my son two years ago I maintained a weight of 180 pounds. I tried using Weight Watchers, but I couldn’t lose anything ... I reached my goal in only 15 weeks and lost 43.2 pounds. I now weigh 135.4 pounds and feel incredible! ... I just can not say enough good things about Medifast. I know that when I placed my first order I did so with the skepticism of a person who has struggled with diets and weight loss for over 10 years. But 15 weeks later I am thrilled to report that I am a more than satisfied customer and a Medifast success story!"

» Dana, success stories

"I've tried the Zone, Atkins, Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig. The Zone and Atkins were great, but I didn't have the accountability to stick with them. After a lot of research, I discovered the Medifast diet plan ... Well, I didn't make my 191 (from 217.6 lbs.) goal, but got within 1.6 pounds. I'm excited to start month 3 ..."

» Kristi,

"The 5&1 took the stress out of dieting: no planning, shopping for or cooking several meals a day... and no counting! ... While on the 5&1 plan I learned to eat smaller portions 6 times a day, and with the Medifast maintenance plan I am confident I will keep the weight off for good! I lost 75 pounds with Medifast! I once wore a size 20, and now fit into a size 8!!"

» Maureen, success stories

"I've been on Medifast for almost 9 months and I've lost 110 pounds. If you're looking for something that WILL WORK and you are ready to commit to a plan (that won't break the bank like Jenny Craig), go for MediFast. Commit to the plan for 4 weeks, you WILL NOT be disappointed."

» tarar, Medifast review

"My wife started researching weight-loss options. When she discovered Medifast, she had a difficult time finding anything negative about the program. I was inspired by other people's success stories ... On February 1, 2010, I reached my goal?I was down 114 lbs in just eight months! I started the program weighing 304 pounds and now am a svelte 190 pounds. My waist is 32 inches and my shirt size no longer has Xs!"

» Alan, success stories

"When I started Medifast, I weighed 310 pounds and wore a 24-26W in dresses. Now, I weigh 133 pounds and wear a size 6-8. I look outstanding! ... I had tried other diets before and they weren't successful. However, Medifast has been a miracle. I have maintained my weight loss for two years now, and not only do I look great but I feel remarkable! "

» Adrene, success stories

" ...the food isn't really the best thing ever... but I just keep in mind that nothing tastes as good as thin feels, so I just... deal. But after the first few days I have a ton of energy, and I just feel better about myself ... I went from 220 to 180 with medifast. I really recommend it."

» Cambri, Medifast forum

" I've read some of the reviews about some of the foods and thought I was crazy ... but, they are right ... the food, MOST of it is not all that great  ... "

» trking, Medifast review

"... which put me up to 330 pounds ... I decided to do something about my weight. I had seen an ad about Medifast and I decided to give it a try, boy I’m glad I did. In 9 months, I lost a total of 170 pounds. My energy went way up and I was never hungry ..."

» Nnedi, success stories

"Of all the programs, I have been on, this one is the best. Weight loss results are seen right away, and I think that this is all important motivation to keep going. Also, one's energy is increased, as well as the absence of hunger. It also offers a transition and also a maintenance program ... No weighing food, no measuring, no guesswork. Love Medifast!"

» Joanie719, Medifast forum

"With Medifast, I had results the first week. By the end of the first month, I had lost 9.5 pounds, which is the most I have ever lost on any plan. I felt so great, was never hungry and was able to focus on my personal issues without the food always in the mix. My meals were already decided for me, so I had more time and energy to work on my personal growth ...  as a result of my success, some friends and co-workers have also started on the Medifast Program."

» Angela, success stories

"Week 3 of my Medifast Diet wasn’t as super-awesome as I had hoped. But to be honest, the problem is not with Medifast itself. The fault lies squarely with me. I haven’t been staying on program. I’m not cheating when it comes to meals, but am definitely having a problem with snacks. Primarily popcorn. Here are the numbers… Starting Weight: 223 pounds Saturday, July 11: 218 pounds Saturday, July 18: 215 pounds Saturday, July 25: 213 pounds – 2 pounds lost Total Weight Loss: 10 Pounds 2 pounds is not bad, but I’ve got to get serious and fully re-commit to the Medifast process."

» C., feedback on Medifast

"... and have lost 88 pounds so far. I'm still averaging a loss of 2 lb. a week. I am never hungry and feel fabulous! My cholesterol is now normal WITHOUT medication, and I have gone from being borderline diabetic to having NORMAL blood glucose levels - without medications ..."

» justpraisin, Medifast review

Are you on or have you been on the Medifast Diet? Tell us about your experience.

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