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South Beach Diet Review

Healthy eating plus good carbs and good fats

Is This Really Just a Popular Trendy Diet?

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> Our Bottom-line Recommendation

One of the major strengths of the South Beach Diet is that it emphasizes a permanent change in your eating habits. It is not one of those fad diets that you will find in the market that will advocate short periods of dieting to achieve drastic changes. South Beach Diet is about lifestyle and eating habit changes plus you get exposed to a wide variety of foods and have the flexibility to choose to eat the right types food that are good for you. There is no doubt that the South Beach Diet does a good job of educating dieters about the importance of eating the right food to reduce heart disease and improve your overall health.

Our top choice for self-prepared weight loss meals and overall weight loss management.

Proven to be effective by clinical studies and most of all, by the millions of people worldwide who have lost weight and built a healthier life with this diet, there is no doubt that South Beach Diet is THE diet that you should seriously consider in achieving your weight loss and health goals.

We also found South Beach Diet Online to be one of the most comprehensive online diet programs because of the full range of support and services that the site offers. South Beach Diet Online is a great site that beginners and even advanced South Beach dieters should keep in their arsenal to achieve their weight loss goals. South Beach Diet Online provides you with all the necessary tools and support you need to keep yourself motivated to achieve your weight loss goals. No wonder South Beach Diet Online was named as one of Forbes' Best of the Web sites.

Whether you are into home-cooking, eating at trendy restaurants, or a fast-food lover, we highly recommend South Beach Diet. The South Beach Diet is Did We Lose Weight's Editor's Choice for its effectiveness in weight loss management and practical guidelines for a lifelong, healthy lifestyle.

We have presented you with the pros and cons of the South Beach Diet. The choice is up to you.

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Visit South Beach Diet Now

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 Here's what you get with South Beach Diet Online:

It's a fact: People who diet with the help of an online program lose more weight than those who diet without one. With customized weight-loss tools and steady, 24/7 support from South Beach Diet Online, it's now easier than ever to lose weight, boost your health, monitor your progress, and reach your goals.


Meal Planner

Get daily meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert!

Customize a daily menu to satisfy your personal tastes

Choose from 100s of meal options, including a vegetarian plan

Get started today with your personalized menu

Shopping List Generator

Create shopping lists right from your Meal Planner in just one click

Print your list for today, tomorrow, or the week ahead

Save time and ensure you have every item you need before you leave the grocery store

Start now to generate your shopping list!

Recipe Finder

Search from South Beach Diet's database of 1,000+ healthy and irresistible recipes

Discover countless meal and snack ideas for every occasion

Find what you're in mood for quickly and easily

Sign up and start searching South Beach Diet's recipe database!

Discussion Groups

Get support, encouragement, and friendship whenever you need it

Share your success story and help others achieve their goals

Swap recipes and tips

Join today to meet and greet others in South Beach Diet's Discussion Groups!

Dining Out and Fast-Food Guides

Get the know-how you need to navigate the menu at any restaurant

Learn how to order weight-healthy meals anywhere from fast food to fine restaurants

Get started on the South Beach Diet lifestyle today and learn how to dine out on deliciously healthy food!

Weight Tracker

Chart your weight-loss progress and receive encouraging feedback

Stay motivated and healthy with regular weigh-ins

View your history and take pride in your achievements

Start your healthy lifestyle today!

Plus ...

Nutrition Counseling Receive individual counseling from specially trained registered dieticians

Workouts (all levels) Experience workouts made-easy with South Beach Diet Fitness Club videos

Online Journal Lose weight and keep it off with a public or private online journal

South Beach Diet Kitchen Get essential tips and techniques for cooking and preparing meals the South Beach Diet way

Daily Email Check your in-box every day for a daily email with your personal menu, important tips and news, and plenty of encouragement

Get results! Sign up today.


 > Watch South Beach Diet Videos


Dr. Agatston on Heart Health (1 min 00 sec)

South Beach Diet easy breakfast (3 min 47 sec)

South Beach Diet pantry makeover  (4 min 1 sec)

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Is This Really Just a Popular Trendy Diet?

Section 1

1 Underlying Principle

2 Top Reasons To Go On This Diet

3 Potential Issues With The Program

Section 2

4 Our Bottom Line Recommendation

5 Actual Testimonials


 Visit South Beach Diet Now


We Cook the Food, You Lose the Weight


Is This Really Just a Popular Trendy Diet?

Section 1

1 Underlying Principle

2 Top Reasons To Go On This Diet

3 Potential Issues With The Program

Section 2

4 Our Bottom Line Recommendation

5 Actual Testimonials


Actual Testimonials

"Did We Lose Weight with South Beach Diet?"

Positive      Negative

Actual user feedback

We searched the web and found the following feedback on this diet.

Note: Most South Beach Diet users have reported losing one to two pounds on average per week. Please be aware that results may vary depending on the individual and other factors.

"It took a little adjusting to realize that you take the time to prep food when you buy it and then it is ready to go when you are ready to snack on or cook the food ... I have lost 5lbs in the first week and my husband has lost 7lbs. We love the food and this easy lifestyle change."

LAR, South Beach Diet

"Today is 1 year anniversary being on SB!!!! I have lost almost 40 lbs and I have about 20 more I still want to lose ..."

sunshinelegal, forum

"3rd year anniversary... Am I perfect & skinny.... no Am I successful with SB ,yes!! My vital medical numbers are all normal... with NO medications!!! I have kept off 25+ pounds ... "

Irish-gal, forum

"Unfortunately, I find this diet to be impractical. First, and foremost, this diet is EXPENSIVE! Second, you need to be willing to invest a lot of time in food preparation ..."


"Hey, i started out as 179 in last August 2007 and i had gotten down to 150. Since i started the south beach diet about 2 weeks ago i have lost 7 pounds. I am now down to 143 and it is great ..."

carolinamoon7, South Beach Diet forum

"... I tried Atkins in the past and I felt sick after day 1, with headaches and general nausea. I never felt sick at all on South Beach Diet , and it helped me lose 25 pounds last year. I couldn't recomment it more."

skp_here82, South Beach Diet forum

"I'm shooting for a total loss of about 103lbs..and I have lost almost 57lbs so far since Jan. I will tell you this I will loose the rest cause I am determined to make it happen! ..."

koolygyrl1978, forum


New York Times Best Seller for Over 5 Years

South Beach now available Online

Join Online! Personalized diet solution: tools, tips, meals, & more.


Are you on or have you been on the South Beach Diet? Tell us about your experience.

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South Beach Diet - Start Losing Weight Today

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Want to lose weight fast and effectively?

We Did It Successfully. How About You?

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